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      January 27th 2023 - 00h14  |  Franšais
  Goal of the game
Use the robot (1) to pick up the blue cubes (2) and to place them on the selected shelves (3) in a predefined order as shown on the right (4).

try to place as many cubes as possible within the time limit.

The players who obtained the highest scores will appear on the front page in our "Top10".
See all the commands of the robot
  Scoring system
The monthly score is based on your best daily game between midnight and 23h59 normal eastern std time(UTC-5).
Points allocation:
- The first level ("Block") goal is to take a block with the robot's claw and to lift it of the ground.
10 points will be awarded.
- The following levels consists of putting a bloc on the right shelve (in the order of the sequence of play of the day). The block must remain in place following the withdrawal of the claw of the robot.
10 points will be awarded for each block putted on the right shelf.
BONUS: The 9 best times of the day, for each level, are awarded as follows:
1st: 9 points 6th: 4 points
2nd: 8 points 7th: 3 points
3rd: 7 points 8th: 2 points
4th: 6 points 9th: 1 point
5th: 5 points   
1- Level 3, best time:
    Lvl. B(10 pts) + Lvl. 1(10 pts) + Lvl. 2(10 pts) Lvl. 3(10 pts) + Time bonus (9 pts) = 49 pts
2- Level B, 3rd best time:
    Lvl. B(10 pts) + Time bonus (7 pts) = 17 pts
3- Level 1, 273th best time:
    Lvl. B(10 pts) + Lvl. 1(10 pts) = 20 pts

*** By reaching at least the "Bloc" level once per day, you'll accumulate a minimum of 300 points per month !

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