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      January 26th 2023 - 22h45  |  Français
  How to
To start a new game WATCH the demo
1) Log into your account    or click here for a quick and free registration
2) Click on watch the robot live in the right column or the top menu. 
3) If the robot is available:
Click on
Take control of the robot now
to start the game.
 If another user is already in control of the robot:
- Click on
Get in the queue
  to wait for your turn.
A horn will notify you 60 seconds before your turn.
When your turn comes, you have 20 seconds to click on "Start the Game".
The game begins... You have 3 minutes...Will you be better than your friends? How many blocks will you be able to put on the shelves?
  Game interface
  When you are waiting for your turn When it's your turn to play
The robot's control are disabled.
The robot's control are enabled.
2. Other available options Other available options
You are waiting for your turn to come
It's your turn to play
4. Name of the connected user Name of the connected user
Shows the remaining waiting time
Shows the remaining playing time
A bell will ring when there's only 10 seconds remaining to your waiting time.
At your turn, when you start hearing beeps, you have 20 seconds to click on the "start to play" button for the game to begin.
6. Indicates your waiting status and your position in the queue. Indicates that it is your turn to play.
7. Shows today's playing sequence to be followed Shows today's playing sequence to be followed
The color change to blue when a level is completed.
8. No cameras are visible if it isn't your turn.
Indicate the chosen point of view.
Indicate other possible point of view.
  Commands of the Robot
You can control the movement of the robot using the ultra-precise buttons and scrollbars as indicated below.
1.   Raise or lower the arm #1   Demo
2.   Rotation of the base   Demo
3.   Raise or lower the arm #2   Demo
4.   Raise or lower the arm #3   Demo
5.   Rotate the clip   Demo
6.   Press to open the clip   Démo
7.   Press to close the clip   Demo
    For each command, use these buttons to make small ultra-precise adjustments   Demo

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